the diagram

Ami Clarke and antepress

13 February 2010

Discussions and short presentations related to the idea of the diagram will take place at FormContent on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th amongst an installation by Ami Clarke. Her screens, reminiscent of office cubicles and temporary exhibition stands, provide a spacial grid within the gallery space where to discuss and display the gathered materials.

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Program of the day

Saturday 13th from 2 to 6 pm


—Dr. John Mullarkey’s lecture Diagrammatic Actualism, ACTUAL VIRTUAL (30’ ca)

“My argument is basically that, whereas Deleuze tends to think of his diagrams as virtual processes – as only a potentially concrete (or actual) thing – I believe that it is better to think of them as already actual processes.”

Touching on ideas relating to the working drawing and the performative object.


David Berridge:

Presentation of An Improvised Diagram Syllabus - an overview of the diagram ranging from Rodchenko to Gabriel Orozco - and photographic and video work by Rachel Lois Clapham and Alex Eisenberg.

—Josh Baum:

Presentation of 3 balloons carefully balanced to transcribe in mercurial lines a diagram of almost anything.


—Julia Calver:

Reading of two recent texts

—Patrick Coyle:

Presentation and discussion around his work Holding this objecty/making this objecty

— Cressida Kocienski:

Presentation and discussion of the diagram as linguistic moment

—Claire Nichols:

Presentation of the most recent Empty Gallery Interviews

—Tamarin Norwood:

Presentation of the artist book DO SOMETHING and of the radio/text work Musica Practica.

—Gemma and Hannah Sharpe:


Works by Hannah Sharpe associated with text by Gemma Sharpe will be on display

On Sunday 14th, from 2 to 6pm, the space will be open and selected works from the previous day will be displayed

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FormContent: , Ami Clarke, Pamphlet Diagram, London 2009

Ami Clarke, Pamphlet Diagram, London 2009

FormContent: , David Berridge

David Berridge

FormContent: , Josh Baum

Josh Baum

FormContent: , Tamarin Norwood

Tamarin Norwood

FormContent: , Tamarin Norwood

Tamarin Norwood

FormContent: , Julia Calver

Julia Calver

FormContent: , Patrick Coyle

Patrick Coyle

FormContent: , Patrick Coyle

Patrick Coyle

FormContent: , Cressida Kocienski

Cressida Kocienski

FormContent: , Claire Nichols

Claire Nichols