Extra added bonus material

Edgar Schmitz

7 October—24 October 2010

Extra added bonus material functions as a series of affective scenarios in FormContent’s space. Taking off from the motif and the logic of the trailer, the exhibition combines filmic and proto-filmic components into a series of condensed tableaux for the gallery space.

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If trailers are concentrated and exaggerated promises, and if their deferral produces intensities of its own kind, then how do build-up, anticipation, expectation, suspense, deception as well as disappointment function once they are stretched, compacted or simply blurred?

Some of the material is very specific and recognizable, other parts belong more explicitly to the indistinct realm of generalized cultural debris. Throughout the run of the exhibition, shreds of movie trailers, re-photographed cartoons, the idents of international film distribution outfits as well as insulation hardware will be repeatedly re-configured to take on different  intensities whilst variously expanding and contracting the format of the exhibition itself. Playing out attitudes from the hyper formal to hermetically sealed to process-based etc, the arrangements propose an invitation to navigate the entire series, to work out whether or not and how to make sense of the project and pay attention to what happens between its different parts.

The exhibition is also an implicit reflection around the status and condition of the material with regards to the British Art Show 7/ In the Days of the Comet, for which some of it is produced as a series of audio-visual soundtracks, to be installed in each of the twelve venues through which the show travels between October 2010 and December 2011. What is experienced in dispersal and distracted encounter across the various iterations of British Art Show 7 / In the Days of the Comet is here isolated and played through its own internal dynamic. The question is therefore also how the effect-scapes of the gallery presentation map onto BAS7, the external mainframe for the project which starts as the original FormContent presentation comes down (they overlap by 2 days on the last/ first weekend).

It is also planned to mirror the trailer with a post-script/ epilogue at FormContent in the immediate aftermath of BAS7 in late 2011.

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