It's moving from I to It - The Book

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I start from the image of an end

A conversation around "It’s moving from I to It – The Book"

X Marks the Bökship Matt’s Gallery

October 29th 2014, 7.00pm



Bianca Baroni (editing), Paul Becker (narrator), Paulus Dreibholz (design), Gil Leung (contributor), the reader (the public), Pieternel Vermoortel (commissioning/producing), Eleanor Vonne Brown (distribution)


I start from the image of an end opens up FormContent’s most recent publication through the perspectives of those who have actively participated in its conception, production and dissemination.





It’s moving from I to It - The Play

As final chapter of FormContent’s It’s moving from I to It, a new performance for two actors written and directed by Tim Etchells animates questions and discourses that had been informing the whole project.

Past performances:

Tate Modern
Thursday 30 January 2014, London

Spike Island
Thursday 27 February 2014, Bristol

If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution
Friday 28 March 2014, Amsterdam

Eastside Projects
Tuesday 29 April 2014, Birmingham

David Roberts Art Foundation
Saturday 1st November 2014, London

—CIRCA Projects
Friday 9 January 2015, Newcastle






by FormContent

Where characters and locations are presented and discussed.

Scene 1

The set

by Gil Leung

In which The Becoming Subject and The Portable Object meet for the first time in a public square. They both notice the intriguing presence of The Stranger. A whimsy waiter is serving drinks to all of them.

Scene 2

Alas, Alas

by Chris Sharp

Where a confused Becoming Subject distracts the Stranger from the act of reading while looking for a book in the library. An intimidating librarian tries in vain to assist in her request. A deluge of books chases the characters out of the library which is also a theatre.

Scene 3

Not surprisingly, he is wearing gloves

Eastside Projects, Birmingham
Fitts & Holderness, Goldin + Senneby, Douglas Gordon, Martin Gustavsson, Marine Hugonnier
25 May—7 July 2012

Scene 4

Dead bee stung

by Paul Becker

A stinging dead bee, a mirror mistaken for a painting, sentences that trigger odours in a dark room with a strange smell, words as objects and the other way round, a hyper-active Portable Object and a meditative Becoming Subject.

Scene 5

Letter to the Stranger

by FormContent

A manifesto written by The Becoming Subject.

Scene 6

The invite, then the calamity and then the solution

by Tim Etchells

A scene in which The Host invites The Portable Object and The Stranger to a dinner party. A new character, Marie, is introduced.

Scene 7

Sincerely how am I talking?

Hollybush Gardens, London
Adam Avikainen, Julia Calver, Harald Thys and Jos de Gruyter, Julius Koller, Oliver Laric, Amanda Ross-Ho, Chosil Kil
14—18 March 2012

Scene 8

It's moving from I to It

Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu, Romania
30 August—28 September 2012
Manon de Boer, Ben Cain, Mark Geffriaud, Ian Kiaer, Miklos Onucsan

Scene 9

The Cat, Carpeted

Le Salon, Brussels
Paul Becker
7—9 September 2012

Scene 10

What happens when all characters leave the stage

Liverpool Biennal at The Royal Standard
Beatriz Olabarrieta
7—25 November 2012

Scene 11

The Mariando

by Siôn Parkinson

After 'The Hood' (2007) by Michaël Borremans

Scene 12

Sound a light timpani

by Julia Calver

A tiger appears... a poetic interruption into the script

Scene 13

The School

DRAF—David Roberts Art Foundation
Michael Newman, Siôn Parkinson, Andrew Kerton
19 January, 9 February and 23 February

Scene 14

In the wake of a view

Appartement Elisa Platteau, Brussels
Jeremiah Day and Phillip Lai
19 April - 18 May 2013

Scene 15

The falling of the books & You only fall twice

The falling of the books...
, Cairo
27 April – 30 June 2013

You only fall twice
CCA Derry - Londonderry, Northern Ireland
13 July - 18 August 2013

Scene 16

The question itself

with Sylvère Lotringer
By Katherine Waugh in collaboration with the South London Gallery and FormContent.
14 May 2013, 7 pm.

Scene 17

Gravity bores me, she says...

by Jochen Dehn

Something develops into something else... it develops into the head of the camel on whose back The Portable Object finds himself sitting, in a riding position...


Arts Council Henry Moore Foundation